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Flexographic Plates from Flint Group Germany
Coatings from Weilburger Graphics Germany
Printing inks from Van Son
Metallic Inks from Radior France
UV inks from Zeller+Gmelin
Flexographic Cushion Mounting tapes from Rogers USA
Anilox rollers from Cheshire UK
UV lamps from Alpha Cure UK
Flexible dies from Suron
Special Effect Inks from CTI USA
Flexo Clean
Doctor Blades from PrimeBlade
Print Inks from Marabu

We represents Radior for metallic and scratch off inks.
Radior, wich has been know by several names throughout its history, was established over 120 years ago. Originally specialised in manufacturing metallic pigments and bronze powders for dusting, the company later on focussed on manufacturing metallic inks for shett-fed offset, heatset, flexo, gravure and screen printing. With an emphasis on package printing (paper, cartons, labels, film), Radior inks provide the best metallic sheen based on carefully selected bronze and aluminium metal pigments.

Product feactures
Metallic inks / Fluorescent inks both conventional and UV offset machine.
UV and WB Metallic inks for Narrow Web.
UV and WB Scratch off ink for Narrow Web.
Scratch off inks for UV and conventional screen printing.
Liquid inks for tower coating.
Flurescent Inks for Sheetfed Offset machine.
Roto/flexo : Metallic pigments / Metallic inks.
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