Cheshire Anilox Technology


Established in 1992, Cheshire Anilox Technology has expanded progressively into many market areas, which includes flexible packaging, corrugated, label, envelope, can coating and offset. We are now established as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Anilox rollers servicing a loyal customer base in over 100 countries worldwide.More than 30 years of industry service have earned Cheshire the reputation of innovative technical expertise and responsive customer service.

Product Range

  • Anilox Sleeves
  • Coating Rollers
  • Glue & Meter Rollers
  • Gravure Rollers
  • AirLox
  • Tungsten Carbide Rollers

High Performance Range



Increased ink transfer at high linecounts, Higher colour density, Cleaner vignettes Low dot gain, Designed to run at high press speeds (+600m/min)


MaxFlo+ is a channel engraving that radically improves the ink flow within the Anilox engraved structure. There is no individual closed-up cells but a continuous cell structure which has 50% less land area than 60° conventional engravings.


Exceptional colour densities and image contrast at ultra fine line counts. Designed to use with HD Flexo Plates. Designed to use with seven colour print. Improved ink transfer at high speeds.


Proven UV technology for streak-free printing. Easyflo has been specially developed to enhance the print quality when using UV inks.

EasyFlo HD

Achieve the high opacity of rotary screen whites in one single pass!


TactiLox is specially designed to reproduce the tactile effect of rotary screen on to the print or packaging. Tactile varnish will require a high volume anilox that will transfer large amounts of coating. This ground-breaking engraving technology offers the highest release of lacquers and varnishes available in Flexo printing.


Masterflo was originally created to overcome the problem of lack of colour density when printing process on uncoated paper and other porous substrates.


Smooth laydown of heavy coat weights.This unique engraving produces a thicker ink film with smooth coverage eliminating the problem of pin holing achieving high coat weights in one single pass!

Standard Flexo