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Flexographic Plates from Flint Group Germany
Coatings from Weilburger Graphics Germany
Printing inks from Van Son
Metallic Inks from Radior France
UV inks from Zeller+Gmelin
Flexographic Cushion Mounting tapes from Rogers USA
Anilox rollers from Cheshire UK
UV lamps from Alpha Cure UK
Flexible dies from Suron
Special Effect Inks from CTI USA
Flexo Clean
Doctor Blades from PrimeBlade
Print Inks from Marabu

We represent Suron for flexible dies and magnetic cylinders. Established in the year 1976 Suron has tended to focus on products requiring a high level of accuracy. Suron is investing great efforts and means in order to be regarded among the leading enterprises for such technology. The company is dedicated to the quality of its products and to an ongoing improvement in the means of production and to the development of the professional skills. Suron's products are known for their accuracy and prompt deliveryt. The combination of highly skilled personnel, modern equipment, the prompt response to customers' requirements, as well as reasonable prices makes Suron unique in the industry.

Product Range



Photo - Etching Technology.

Suron's photo - etching technique processing a wide array of metal and alloys for your needs. Hardened and tempered metals are machined as easily as regular metals. The technique is ideal for machining thin metals and foils. Parts with very precise and intricate designs can be produced without difficulty.
CNC Engraving Technology.
Our engraving department consists of the most advanced and modern CNC machines available on the market. We have applied and customized innovative applications to our machines, and are able to achieve all requirements for die-cutting. tools are kept under tight tolerance (+/- 0.002 mm) and engraved with extremely high precision.

Plating and Hardening.

In order to meet printers' need for durable tools, our flexible dies are treated with electroless plating and unique hardening process.The electroless process provides a uniformly hard and smooth surface layer, regardless of size or complexity of the plated part. A sharp edge receives the same thickness of layer as does a blind metal sheet.Our hardening process applies a unique treatment to form an exceptional die quality, extra stregth and high durability.

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