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Flexographic Plates from Flint Group Germany
Coatings from Weilburger Graphics Germany
Printing inks from Van Son
Metallic Inks from Radior France
UV inks from Zeller+Gmelin
Flexographic Cushion Mounting tapes from Rogers USA
Anilox rollers from Cheshire UK
UV lamps from Alpha Cure UK
Flexible dies from Suron
Special Effect Inks from CTI USA
Flexo Clean
Doctor Blades from PrimeBlade
Print Inks from Marabu
Flexo Clean

FlexoClean is the Market Leader in Professional Cleaning for the flexography industry. Flexoclean devises complete process improvement plans to suit the customer. Our strength lies in offering total solutions. Flexclean will keep Your anilox rolls clean so you will generate a better return.

Year of experience at the heart of the flexography industry have provided Flexoclean with the necessary expertise. This is one of the reasons why we not Only develop but also make our own products. A full range of cleaners tailored to the graphic industry is the fruit of Our Labour. But things do not stop there. Flex clean Knows the Importance of a good cleaning concept because we Know the Flexography industry. This means that we also know how to go about things. We will review your Situation, advise you and produce the perfect cleaning agent, specially tailored to your printing process. The Standardisation of Your anilox rolls is our goal. And that will work to Your advantage, too.


Flex clean known that the industry demands specialist solution.

We maintain good relation with people on the shop floor and with ink producers.

Guarantee a high-quality, economical products.

Continuously improving Our Products.

Cleaning concept to Process improvement.

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