Flexo Plate Processor

Flexographic Plate Processing Equipments

Glunz & Jensen is the world’s leading supplier of innovave, high-quality plate making soluons for the global prepress industry. In addion to developing and producing processors for the offset and flexo prinng industry, we also offer aer sales service. Our product porolio also includes exposure units, dryers, light finishers, mounng tables, plate stackers and soware for monitoring and controlling complete prepress processes.



  • Full brush control
  • Brush sengs controlled by plate parameters
  • SilentDriveTM mechanics
  • Enhanced solvent distribuon system
  • Simple loading mechanism
  • User-friendly graphical display/setup
  • Ergonomic feed table
  • Easy access to cleaning areas
  • Advanced venlaon/exhaust system


  • Exposure unit for large-format flexographic plates up to 1200 x 1530 cm (47 x 60”)
  • Pivot-hinged lid opens with pneumac acon for fast and safe access to three sides of the exposure bed
  • Aluminium exposure bed is cooled by water to reduce the temperature of the plate during exposure
  • Includes cooled bed, lamp cooling, light integrator and PLC control
  • 2 storage drawers


  • A dryer with six drawers for large-format flexographic plates 1320 x 2030 mm (52 x 80”)
  • Designed to provide maximum consistency in air distribuon and drying uniformity
  • Represenng the most advanced generaon of tradional hot air dryers
  • Consistent temperature and excellent results in terms of drying uniformity
  • A unique drawer shape allows both sides of the plate to be perfectly dried
  • Each dryer secon contains a separate heang system
  • Ensures that both sides of the plate are perfectly dried