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Flexographic Plates from Flint Group Germany
Coatings from Weilburger Graphics Germany
Printing inks from Van Son
Metallic Inks from Radior France
UV inks from Zeller+Gmelin
Flexographic Cushion Mounting tapes from Rogers USA
Anilox rollers from Cheshire UK
UV lamps from Alpha Cure UK
Flexible dies from Suron
Special Effect Inks from CTI USA
Flexo Clean
Doctor Blades from PrimeBlade
Print Inks from Marabu
Cushion Mounting Materials

R/bak® Cushion Mounting Materials are advanced, open cell urethanes that provide the most consistent, resilient cushioning for flexographic printing. Using R/bak materials will improve registration, reduce dot gain, decrease plate deformation, improve ink transfer and allow the use of finer screens for finer line work. R/bak materials reduce pressure and absorb shock for flexographic printing plates, resulting in longer plate and cushion life and higher print quality. They consistently deliver compressibility performance on press in a compressible plate mounting system.

Product Range
R/bak® U1A

U1A combines our proven open-cell polyurethane cushion foam with a single sided acrylic adhesive technology for corrugated printing applications. This combination offers the flexibility to bond directly to either PVC or PET carrier film. Available in four thicknesses to customize your corrugated plate mount solution.

E/bak™ Cushion Mounting Materials

E/bak™ Cushion Mounting Materials is an economically priced cushioning solution for mid-tier quality printing, delivering cost savings to our customers in the printing industry. The resilient cushion provides a high degree of surface conformity with minimal increase in plate pressure and is the economic alternative to plate-only corrugated printing. 
SA 3000 Thin Tapes
R/bak® SA 3000 Flexographic Cushion Mounting Tapes with improved handling. A textured transparent liner and Rogers’ improved adhesive system result in easier handling—quick mounting and demounting reduce make-ready and removal time. Rogers’ open-cell urethane technology provides consistent solid ink density, reduces dot grain and delivers millions of impressions without making adjustments.


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