Flexographic Plate

Flexographic plates and Pre-Press solution

XSYS is one of the largest global suppliers offering both flexographic and letterpress prepress solutions, including flexo and letterpress plates, sleeves, processors. XSYS has been designed to bring more brilliance into the packaging industry – into the lives of its customers and colleagues – using brilliant products and services for brilliant print results and business success.

It combines under one umbrella such well-known flexographic and letterpress brands as nyloflex®, Xpress, nyloprint®, nylosolv®, rotec®, FlexoExpert, ThermoFlexX, Catena, TFxX and Woodpecker, to provide a complete flexographic and letterpress prepress solution.

Flexographic Plates

nyloflex ®

MARKET Sector: Labels, flexible packaging, corrugation.

nyloprint ®

MARKET Sector: Letterpress printing, pad printing security printing hot moulding and embossing.

Processing Equipment

Catena+ with ThermoFlexX imager

The Catena + line offers complete inline solution for UV LED exposure, washer, dryer and light finisher and along with ThermoflexX, the system can offer fully automated modular concept where we can process plates completely touch-free With a ThermoFlexX imager Catena+ provides the Holy Grail of fully automated, touch-free flexo plate making!

Plate maker’s Overall Operating Effectiveness is instantly boosted by more available operating hours. Unattended hours with the possibility to make far more plates per shift, combined with reduced plate waste through mis-handling substantially reduce cost-of-ownership. Printer’s OOE benefits considerably from plates made with highest possible quality and consistency. High quality, consistent plates reduce make-ready waste by being quick to register and give good ink transfer without over-impression. Presses can run faster with less stops needed for plate cleaning.