Radior Metallic Inks


RADIOR France SAS is one of the leading global manufacturer and the only French company specializ in metallic inks, scratch off inks and fluorescent inks for all printing processes. The company was founded in the late nineteenth century.

Originally specialized in the manufacture of metallic pigments and bronze powders for dusting, the company later focused on manufacturing metallic inks for sheetfed, offset , heatsed, flexo , gravure and screen printing.


  • Metallic inks for WB flexo
  • Metallic inks for UV flexo
  • Fluorescent inks
    1. Conventional offset
    2. UV offset and letterpress
    3. UV and WB flexo
    4. UV screen
    1. Cony. Offset
    2. UV offset
    3. WB flexo
    4. UV flexo
    5. UV screen
    6. Solvent base roto gravure
    7. Solvent base flexo graphy
  • Scratch off inks and release varnishes
    1. UV & WB flexo
    2. UV screen
  • WB metallic inks for tower coater
  • UV curable metallic inks for tower coater
  • Metallic inks for cony offset
  • Metallic inks for UV offset