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Flexographic Plates from Flint Group Germany
Coatings from Weilburger Graphics Germany
Printing inks from Van Son
Metallic Inks from Radior France
UV inks from Zeller+Gmelin
Flexographic Cushion Mounting tapes from Rogers USA
Anilox rollers from Cheshire UK
UV lamps from Alpha Cure UK
Flexible dies from Suron
Special Effect Inks from CTI USA
Flexo Clean
Doctor Blades from PrimeBlade
Print Inks from Marabu
Van Son printing inks have set the standard for quality and performance in pressrooms round the world. Van son Caters to the printing inks & offer extensive range of inks suitable for offset, inkjet, flexography. Van son inks are designed in intense, consistent color, brilliant gloss, faster setting and sharp dot retention.
Product Range
Priting Inks for Conventional offset Quickson Pro
New addition to the Van Son line of quality oil base inks.
excellent work and turn properties and stays open in the ink duct overnight
suitable for all sheetfed offset presses and in particular for perfecting (4+4)
vegetable based low VOC ink
works well in combination with infra-red drying units, offering an even faster setting and drying
suitable for a wide range of finishing applications, like UV varnish, aqueous coating, foil or lamination
full range of Quickson PRO compatible Quickson Series PANTONE Basic Colours available from stock
High quality oil base inks at competive price
Effortless trouble free printing
Fast Make readies
Increased productivity
Reduced Ink consumption.
Immediate post print processing
Ideal for whatever type of press
Effortless, trouble-free printing.
Faster make-readies and speedier post-print processing.
Reduced ink consumption
Intense, consistent color, brilliant gloss and sharp dot retention set the standard.
Tough Tex
Tough Tex printing inks are world famous for their unique ability to oxidize to a hard scuff resistant surface on all non-porous surfaces. Plastics, foils, YUPO, etc
This ink is designed to function flawlessly on all offset presses.
WB Flexo inks for Narrow web machine
Vanson has applied extensive R&D to develop user friendly flexographic inks. Aqua Base Plus Series stands for high quality printing on coated and uncoated absorbent substrates.
Product Range
Aqua Basse Plus EV for Envelopes
Aqua Basse Plus AH for paper and cardboard
Aqua Basse Plus AK for paper and cardboard
Aqua Basse Plus ET for labels
Aqua Basse Plus TP for Thermal paper
Aqua Basse Plus NK for napkins, paper towels and other tissue stocks.
Aqua Basse Plus FF for films and foils.
Very high pigmentation
High gloss on coated substrate
Easy resolubility with AH quality
High dilution rate with water
Adapted to high production speed and printing fine screens.
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